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Venus is the No. 1 source for coverage of women in music, art, film, fashion, and D.I.Y. culture.

Published quarterly and distributed internationally, Venus features interviews with edgy musicians and up-and-coming artists and fashion designers, along with reviews of CDs, films, and books. In addition to sassy reviews and interviews, each issue of Venus features such popular regulars as the "Sexy" section, "About Place," "Where You At?" "On the Road," "Retro Fetish," and a short story.

In addition to the magazine, the Venus Web site is updated daily, featuring original content that's not included in the magazine

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...LJ DIY Superstars...

DIY Superstar of The Week

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Record Shopping with Gravy Train!!!!
The Oakland-based sexy punk-rap group
gets down and dirty at Berkeley’s
Amoeba Music

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